SysExporter 1.52

SysExporter utility allows you to grab the data stored in standard list-views
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SysExporter is an amazing and unique software. Finding software of this type is just like a challenge. I can say that it is just like a hacking tool because it can extract all the text from virtually any window. Even it can also read and display all the text from the hidden windows. Presently it can read and display information from following types of windows: List view, List box, Combo box, Tree view, Text box, HTML, Label and status bar. And for each window it display following types of information: Title, Type, Handle, Items, Visible, Window Class, Process ID, Process Name, Product Name, Description, Version, Company and Filename. So by using this amazing tool you can see all the windows currently open on your computer whether it is visible of invisible. And you will be surprised when you see the list of open hidden windows. You can use this tool to copy databases too which are normally not possible to copy directly. SysExporter give you the option to copy text of almost any window. It also gives you the option to export text of any window or all windows to a txt, HTML, XML or CSV formats. SysExporter give you the full flexibility to export text individually by row or by column or by selected items or the whole text.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • Able to read text from almost all windows
  • Able to read even hidden windows
  • Facility to copy text by individual column or row or by selected items
  • Facility to export text


  • Not able to read all types of windows
  • Not able to read webpage based windows
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